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2015 12 Radio Producer's Choice Winner

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I believe that we can heal ourselves through positive thought and positive action. When I decided to step out in faith, the angels were there to guide me to give messages to people who needed them. Therefore, I'm a tool for the Angels to use to deliver messages and I am blessed and honored to be in service to them and to you. I don't come from a place of  judgment. I am open for the energy to flow from them through me to you.

Ego is not in the services I provide to others.  It's not about me ... it's about the Angels...

OH MY ANGELS  provides healing services in a loving, safe environment for those who need to voice their worries and concerns and ask questions in order to get answers from their angels that can assist and guide them along life's journey.


Angel Readings, Angelic Mediumship & Intuitive Reiki by Peggee Reser

Oh My Angels​

Angel Readings, Reiki & Mediumship by Peggee Reser