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Angel Readings, Reiki and Mediumship by Peggee Reser

I've always had the ability to sooth other people. I'm a natural hugger and people have always felt drawn to me in order that I may intuitively guide them. With over 30 years of intuitive knowledge & lifelong angelic guidance, my commitment to the Angels to be of service to you is unsurpassed.

My goal is to offer you intuitive services that deliver emotional and spiritual healing in order to help you to live the life you were intended to live.  My ongoing training guarantees that my professional knowledge and the service I give is with the utmost knowledge and care in order to provide you with answers to life's most pressing questions. 

Intuitively, I’ve always known that I was a healer and a channel. In my 20’s I attended a Reiki class and my life was forever changed. Ever since that powerful experience I have continued to use Reiki in my everyday life.

Here is a list of my qualifications:

•  Master Degree in Usui Reiki
•  Master Degree in Karuna Reiki
•  Certified Angel Card Reader and Practitioner
•  Mediumship Certification
•  Certified Angelic Spirit Teacher
•  Masters Intensive Angel Certification
•  Ordained Minister

I’ve been Divinely Guided by the Angels in my quest to be in service. 
In April of 2014 I started working as a Professional Advisor Angel Intuitive at 12 Listen.com.  In May of 2014 started my radio show Oh My Angels on 12Radio.com .. currently on Thursday evenings.  I was guided by my Angels in 2015 to travel to Brazil and meet John of God and get permission to purchase a John of God Crystal Bed.

I love sharing the messages from your Angels and Loved Ones from the other side. I am truly Blessed to Be In Service and continually ask "How Does It Get Any Better Than This?"

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