"Peggee has been extremely helpful.  I have been working through some very unconventional pathways over the past year and Peggee has remained open to exploring with me this most special path and all of its gifts. Both Peggee and I have been rewarded in ways beyond our comprehension. It has been a humbling and blessed experience."

"Peggee was spot on.  She tuned right into my situation and I feel so much better after speaking with her.  She is the real deal! Thank you Peggee!"

"Peggee was great!  She was concise and to the point and didn't need a lot of info to go off of.  She helped me feel much better about my upcoming competition and my relationship.  Thank You for putting my mind and heart at ease!  Highly recommended!  Blessings!"  ~  Lisa

"I have had several readings with Peggee and she has provided me with extremely valuable insight and guidance.  After our calls, I feel much more calm, clear, and balanced.  She's been very accurate in reading people and situations!"

"Peggee from Oh My Angels is a wonderful and delightful person. Her angel readings are always on point.  She doesn't tell you what you want to hear she tells you exactly what the angels relay to her. Peggee's integrity speaks volumes and because of her desire to help others she's definitely been a blessing in my life. Over the years several of my readings have happened exactly as she said they would. One of the most important ones had to do with finding my life long partner.  I met Peggee at a very low time in my life after my last husband walked out on me. She helped me rebuild my life, go through the dating scene and ultimately find the love of my life.  I have held several angel parties in my home with family, friend's and coworkers. They have been equally impressed with their angel readings. She has even went a step further by coming into my home and saging it to clear out the negative energy. My new husband and I are now building a brand new home and we're  looking forward to more angel parties in the future!  It feels absolutely wonderful to share with others the blessing of knowing Peggee and all that she has to offer.  Trust, Believe and Receive!"  ~  Michelle Harris


I love giving Angel Readings. I get asked all the time the difference between a Psychic Reading and an Angel Reading.. The difference is I connect or tune in with your Angels and Guides to get the answers you are seeking.
When looking for answers I believe people want someone who can help provide them answers to guide them forward in their lives. I believe people are drawn to a reader that has similar life experiences, and who are similar to themselves energetically, someone who they feel a connection with. Anyone who believes in negativity will not be drawn to me. I come from a place of realistic positivity.

I often begin sessions with Angel Readings and then someone from "the other side" will appear and want to come through with messages to help provide me and you with more answers. I have no control over who comes through during my readings and sometimes the person you want most to talk to will not come through but I can guarantee the person who has the most important message will.

An angelic reading feels soft and full of love. During mediumship, humans who have crossed over and want to communicate, come through with a much different energy vibration than Angel energy. I can tell the difference immediately. While there's so much love in an angel reading, I get more humor in a mediumship reading!

It's still full of love but ancestors reveal life experiences and make themselves known to me and to the client in a deeply personal way.


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