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John of God Crystal Bed

Above is a picture of what the John of God Crystal Bed looks like.  I have attached a document that gives all the pertinent information that is pretty straight forward regarding how it works and the possible benefit you can receive from it.  They call it a Crystal Bed but it’s the Crystal Lights above the massage or Reiki table that is the power house to this modality.  I was Blessed with getting to go to Brazil and meeting John of God in November 2015.  While in Brazil I received multiple healings that have transformed my life.  I was able to get clarity on my path and receive healing on a Physical, Mental and Spiritual plane.  I was able to use the John of God Crystal Beds everyday and felt a huge difference in my overall being.  I am the type of person who has to experience something first hand in order to believe it.  I had to experience it myself by going to Brazil and undertaking this part of my spiritual journey and feeling for myself the difference using the John Of God Crystal Bed.  I went before John of God and got permission to bring the Crystal Bed to the United States to give those interested a chance to feel the healing energy without having to go to Brazil.  I am currently in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  If interested in experiencing this unique modality please contact me at

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Thank you Peggee for the spiritual healing I received via the John of God Crystal Bed.  It was a surreal experience opening my Chakras.  The sensations varied from heat and to tingly in areas of my body.  I was relaxed and open to the healing and gained insight to many questions.  Spiritually and physically I felt a healing. I highly recommend it! ~ Jessie R., San Diego

Thank you Peggee for the John of God Crystal bed experience.  It was healing, calming and balancing.  I was able to see the faces of the entities as the session began and felt a balancing of my energies.  I also felt that there was a healing in my abdominal area which I had been having some discomfort in recently.  I look forward to having another session sometime soon either in San Diego or if you return here to Phoenix! ~ Sherri Nelson

I had my first ever John of God Crytal bed healing with Peggee.  I have heard of people having so many different types of experiences that I didn’t know what to expect.  It was very relaxing, and I felt like I was being touched and no one was around.  I wouldn’t say I felt really different right after the treatment, but by the time I got home, I realized all my allergy symptoms were gone, and I had tons of energy.  The energy has continued too!  I can’t wait until Peggee comes back into town again, I definitely will do another session. ~ Bernadette B., Phoenix, AZ

My first experience with the John of God Crystal Bed was a 30 min session.  It was very therapeutic calming experience for me.  It took my body to a place of meditation and my mind was so clear and free.  The energy was so powerful for me that I felt like I was out of body.  The heat that generated from the bio mat and the energy from the chakras had me feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated. After my session ended I did need some time to recuperate. I wish my session was longer than it was.  I was very pleased and will definitely try it again.  Thank you again Peggee! ~ Carolyn S, Phoenix AZ

John of God session was a spiritual experience.  It helped me to open and accept my true self.  I recommend to any one who is ready to connect to spirit and gain inner peace.  Thanks Peggee! ~ G, San Diego

A few weeks ago my daughter had both a Reiki healing session and did a John of God Crystal Bed healing with Peggee.  During the session Peggee made sure my daughter was relaxed and comfortable.  She asked my daughter how she was feeling during the session and my daughter informed Peggee when an area on her was done.  Since the session, she is more alert, responsive, and has improved communication.  She makes her wants and needs known without having to prod her for a response.  Thank you Peggee for having this healing session with her and I look forward to the next visit to get more healing and blessings. Shari ~ Phoenix AZ